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About Engauge

A brief introduction to Engauge

Engauge is a unique concept created to support organisations, schools, local communities and businesses, who wish to develop and maintain environmental, social and economic stability.

Engauge is part of the 'Better Tomorrows' community interest company that provides:

  • Specifically designed sustainability self-assessment tools for schools, businesses and communities
  • Unique assessments produced with advice from specialists
  • A self-help improvement support service
  • Links to a range of sustainability specialists
  • Practical guidance and case studies to demonstrate good practice
  • A direct contact point for making sustainability links through this new website

For a better idea of how Engauge could help you
watch the Introductory Video below:

After Signing up, you are able to take an online assessmement by answering the questions.

The Assessment will then lead you to improvement actions which can be sought from the seedpacks or by contacting us for details on the framework and procuring services from one of our specialists.

As you progress your sustainability plan and actions, re-asess the organisation to see your improved susgauge score.

The Key elements that make up the susgauge score are :

  • Health & Well-beingsusguage

    Eating well, staying safe, being healthy and happy. Read More

  • Travel & Traffic

    Encouraging people to travel sustainably. Read More

  • Building & Grounds

    Making your environment sustainable. Read More

  • Energy

    Saving energy and measuring your consumption. Read More

  • Procurement & Waste

    Procurement and waste deal with the best use of the world's resources. Read More

  • Inclusion & Participation

    Getting everyone involved and learning more. Read More

  • Water

    Using water and managing it effectively. Read More

  • Business Management

    Running the organisation efficiently and saving money. Read More

Specialists and Volunteers

We originally piloted  for Schools in West Sussex, London and across the south to sign up to Engauge, an initiative which helps improve their sustainability across a whole range of environmental, health, social and financial issues.

Could YOU provide just that little bit of extra help that our customers need?

If you are a local business specialising in any of the following, we  have an opportunity for you:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Procurement
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Grounds Development
  • Waste and recycling
  • Travel and transport
  • Inclusion and participation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Heritage and citizenship

Who's Involved

The Engauge team, set up to offer support for businesses , organisations & schools, and includes: -

  • Local authority officers from various departments
  • Petal Specialists who are local and who have demonstrated a commitment to balanced development in their own fields of work.
  • Domain Specialists covering the subject matter of our engauge framework petals.
  • Funding experts
  • Policy and planning consultants


Seedpacks are information and resource packs, designed to help you to manage improvements and 'grow' your Susgauge score. Linking directly to the respective Susgauge questions, they provide simple definitions with suggested practical actions, links to supporting agencies and possible sources of funding.

These have been written and developed by our team of specialists who are also available to help you.

Engauge News

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