Chesswood School Water Efficiency Project


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Petal: Water
Type of school: Middle School
Size of school: 480 Pupils

This study is a joint initiative between Southern Water, West Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency, which all have a common interest in saving water.

Southern Water's work with schools in the region has shown that big savings can be made in the amount of water used - and thus in the school's water bill - by installing water efficient equipment.

Yet until recently, it was not clear which equipment could save the most water and money.

The objective of the Chesswood School Project was to measure the water savings achieved by different types of equipment, to define the financial paybacks, and thus help other schools understand how they can reduce water wastage and save money on their bills.

This case study will give you advice on low budget, cost effective retrofit water efficiency measures that can be easily be adopted by other schools.

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