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Visiting Kenya

Posted by User not found on 10/03/2012

So, having got back from the other side of the world. We spent two weeks in Nabunga Secondar School on an exchange project with students, learning with them in classrooms and experiencing what schol life is like. While there we came to understand their ways of using their resorces as you might imagine these where very different to the ways we did. There were many silimarities though, Smauel (my exchange partner) like me walked to school every day. However students at The Weald travel in many more different ways, bike, car, bus. All students at Nabunga walk. There is quite a contrast there. We looked at as many aspects of their school which we could compare to the Weald and gave them a susgauge. Now that I'm back im going to put the Weald's one and Nabunga's one up and compare the two....

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