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Children’s Minister Launches ‘Engaugeonline’ a Fantastic New Opportunity to Help Schools be More Sustainable

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Posted by Joban on 07/10/2011

Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, officially launched “Engaugeonline” this week at Worthing High School as part of a drive to help improve the sustainability of schools in West Sussex.

Engaugeonline (, is Engauge’s exciting new website which is brimming with new tools and features.  

Over 200 West Sussex and London schools enthusiastically took part in the successful Engauge pilot scheme. The engaugeonline website launches the new sustainability self assessment online version of the “Susgauge” to make it easier for schools, businesses and local communities to examine and improve their environmental, social and economic commitments.

John de Mierre, Chairman of Better Tomorrows, said: “We are delighted that the initial pilot of Engauge enthused many of the West Sussex schools to sign up to be “Susgauged” and to use our Engauge project team to find out how they could become more sustainable”.

“The new Engauge website is there for all schools to continue and enhance their sustainability and is a natural development of the project. But Engauge is not just for schools, it’s now available for businesses and community organisations. This means that many more people will be able to use this invaluable service.”

Worthing High School is one of the first West Sussex Schools to sign up to Engaugeonline. Headteacher Alison Beer said: “We are delighted that Engauge chose us as the launch pad for their new website. We are keen to work with the Engauge team and link with the EYE project.”


  • Tim Loughton said on: 29/11/2011

    Earlier this month, I was delighted to launch ‘Enguageonline’ at Worthing High School as part of the drive to help improve the sustainability of schools in West Sussex.

    Enguageonline ( is an exciting new website, packed with special features, which will enable schools to carry out a self-assessment on how sustainable they are by using a ‘Susguage’.

    This online tool can be used for presenting evidence to Ofsted and will provide schools with a pathway to improving their sustainability.

    The website will also provide schools with a wealth of information and resources in their quests to become more sustainable.

    It was great to see that over 200 schools in West Sussex and London took part in the successful pilot scheme to develop the Susguage and this phase is the next step in launching an online assessment tool.

    Enguage was initially developed by West Sussex County Council and has been further developed by Better Tomorrows as a project to help schools with their environmental, social and economic commitments.

    This is a promising prospect and great addition to E.Y.E project ( in promoting environmental best practice. I hope all schools take advantage and get involved.

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