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Will we Change after the Pandemic

Posted by Jez on 05/05/2020

During this un-precendented time, many of us will be adjusing our daily lives. We are now no longer racing around in our cars burning fossil fuels , which are dropping in price due to supply and demand. We are reducing consumption of daily items and getting by on what we class as essentials, be that bread,milk and other basic food items. I hope theres a valuable lesson that we all take from this and reocgnise the simple , but effective prinicples of: ReduceRe-useRe-cycle Many may pin their hopes on scientfic breakthroughs to combat the climate issues in the world, and believe there may still be some sustainbable assistanc that technology may bring. However, the key is the word 'sustainable' for anything that we do and consider before joining words and actions....

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Bees need us

Posted by User not found on 10/06/2019

Engauge are looking to get involved in a community project to keep bees and harvest honey for the local community. Bee species are dying out and we can help them with these 10 things 1. Set up your bee garden now 2. Choose bee-friendly plants 3. Plant through the seasons to provide year-round bee habitat 4. Ask for advice on the best plants for bees 5. Plant a mix of bee-friendly seeds and grow plants, fruit and veg 6. Give bees shelter by letting the grass grow 7. Save the bees and put away the pesticides 8. Use peat-free compost to save wildlife habitat 9. Grow from seed to create great bee habitats 10. Welcome beneficial insects in your garden Thanks to Friends of the earth for these tips

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Framework agreement

Posted by User not found on 19/04/2019

Dear All, its been a while but we are revisiting the engauge Project. We are working on a framework agreement for engauge members to access and purchase from covering the areas that your business / school organisation target for improvement.For those who have had issues with access the site or registering , apologies. We have been fixing the errors and its looking good again. best regards The Engauge Team...

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New Era for Engauge

Posted by Jez on 12/04/2015

The Engauge journey is set to continue, with the existing supporters and Jeremy Malet from Hassocks whom help pioneer the susgauge assessments from the early days of spreadsheet assessments to an online platform. Over the coming months, you will see new content, and hopefully opportunities that will evolve into something we can be proud of and further improve the sustainability of all environments that engauge with us.   regards,   Jeremy Malet...

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National Nest Box Week

Posted by Rowena on 23/01/2012

February is the time of year that some birds are starting to look for nesting sites. When better to start to think about the nest boxes in your school grounds, cleaning out old nesting materials and putting up any new nest boxes....

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Children’s Minister Launches ‘Engaugeonline’ a Fantastic New Opportunity to Help Schools be More Sustainable

Posted by Joban on 07/10/2011

Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, officially launched “Engaugeonline”...

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