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Engauge News

National Nest Box Week

Posted by Rowena on 23/01/2012

February is the time of year that some birds are starting to look for nesting sites. When better to start to think about the nest boxes in your school grounds, cleaning out old nesting materials and putting up any new nest boxes.

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Water Equity in Tourism Teaching Materials!

Posted by Rita Godfrey on 11/12/2011

In early 2012, Tourism Concern will launch free online Geography teaching resources for Key Stage 3 and 4.

The unique case studies will draw on their WET campaign research. Start telling your teacher friends and colleagues now! We’ll fill you in with more details nearer the time.

For more information please visit their website

To register your interest, email

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Children’s Minister Launches ‘Engaugeonline’ a Fantastic New Opportunity to Help Schools be More Sustainable

Posted by Joban on 07/10/2011

Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, officially launched “Engaugeonline”

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Worthing High is joining Words and Actions

Posted by John Hoyland on 22/09/2011

Engauge is pleased to announce that Worthing High Business and Enterprise Specialist trust school has agreed to submit to a full Susgauge assessment as part of its commitment to balanced development

Working with Chichester University student teachers and Worthing High's students staff and governors, Engauge aims to help provide a national best practice case study for schools and colleges who wish to achieve the highest possible Susgauge score

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Launch and Support for Engauge by Tim Loughton at Worthing High School

Posted by Joban on 01/09/2011

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families to launch the ‘Engauge Shop’

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